Who We Are

Who do we care for?  Individuals who like ourselves, value their oral health and overall health.  They recognize the direct link between their oral health and overall health.  They choose to determine the causes of any problems they may have instead of just treating their ‘symptoms’.   

What do we do?  Our practice is devoted to providing the very best dentistry available for those individuals who choose to take responsibility for their own health.  Their values are reflected in their lifestyles and how they care for themselves.                     

How do we provide this level of care?  After understanding the level of overall health and oral health you desire, a ‘complete physical examination' for your mouth is completed.  All your head and neck tissues and all the tissues (gums, teeth, muscles, joints) inside and outside the mouth are evaluated.  At your second appointment, Dr. Godley reviews all the findings from your ‘physical’ for your mouth and oral health.  Your desired oral health goals are re-visited and an appropriate and predictable plan is developed to assist you in attaining your desired level of oral health.

Why do I practice dentistry this way?  After graduating from dental school, I saw patients regularly over the years and they continued to have oral health problems.  Work that was recently completed was failing and needed replacement.  Patients did everything requested by the dental profession and continued to deteriorate.  Gum disease worsened, teeth continued to break/fracture/crack, nerves in teeth died, tooth sensitivity, teeth wore and premature aging of smiles occurred despite our efforts.  At first, I thought I could do the techniques better than any other dentist and therefore my work would hold up.  After three years, I realized a perfectly executed procedure was vulnerable. 
    I personally reached THE cross roads of my career.  I decided if there was not a more predictable and long lasting way to care for patients I would find another profession.  There has to be something I and almost everyone else was missing or did not understand that allowed people to continue to deteriorate.  Sixty five year old people who had been every six months to the dentist were in a state of disrepair needing most if not all of their teeth capped/crowned.  I was supervising their downward spiral.  It seemed as though all my profession was ‘placing band-aids’.  In essence, our work was sadly only temporary solutions.
    A doctor I worked for one day a week after graduating mentioned that I should look into the L.D. Pankey Institute for advanced dental study in Florida.  I attended the first continuum and soon thereafter realized pieces of the puzzle were missing.  The ‘Institute’ as it is affectionately called, is a professional post-doctoral training facility dedicated to closing the gap between what is known in our profession and how dentistry is practiced.  I began to feel morally and ethically better about how I could care for my patients.  I now had a better understanding of what was causing these patients to breakdown.  After first investigating and determining the causes of each individual’s specific problems, I could predictably treat these patients with appropriate and long lasting techniques.  While attending five Pankey continuums I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours of studying, practicing, and developing the technical skills (late nights, early mornings, weekends—I would work when our children slept so not to miss-out on any of their ‘waking moments’.  Cindy would call me when they began to stir in their beds in the early morning hours when I was at the office in the laboratory and I would rush home before they woke.).  Not satisfied with my ability to make front teeth look ‘fantastic’, I attended Louisiana State University’s esthetic continuums program, which taught me to make beautiful smiles that are natural, lasting, and predictable. 
    My wife Cindy thought at last, I would be satisfied.  Not so fast, while our entire office was completing a two year MBA program for dentists I met a fellow dentist if Scottsdale, Arizona who spoke of a program in California that taught the most precise dental techniques in the world.  Holly Pete!  I had to go to the introductory course just to see if this was legit or someone was just trying to make a fast buck.  Cindy’s last words before I left the house were “Don’t you go sign up for another post doctoral two year program”.  After the first day of the classes, I thought I was going to heaven and be sick at the same time.  Dr. Basta, the founder of the Foundation for Advanced Dental Education, was the real thing.  He has spent his entire professional life pioneering and developing phenomenal techniques with sophisticated, yet simple instrumentation over the past forty years.  Dr. Basta is a master technician as well the best teacher I have ever met. 
    You can understand what a difficult phone call I had to make to Cindy after the first day of the introductory course.  Complicating matters was Dr. Basta does not commit to future programs.  If there is interest and eighteen to twenty dentists agree to come to California one week every two to three months for two years he will conduct a program.  If there are not enough dentists signed up the program is not continued.  After learning  from his assistant the next course was almost full (18 positions reserved) I decided I would go out on a limb and get on his list for the following program, which would start two years later.  Sorry I was told, we have no list since Dr. Basta is to the point in his career he will not commit beyond the upcoming program.  Gasp!  Now what?  You already know, I signed up with my non-refundable deposit and very nervously ‘informed’ Cindy that night.  Wow, does my wife love me!  She supported me through the program with the request that I purchase a cell phone so she, my son and daughter could call me anytime while in California or at the office after hours doing laboratory work.  I spent over one thousand hours studying and learning the techniques from Dr. Basta, his guest presenters Dr. Preiner, Dr. Hatcher, Dr. Brucia, Dr. Roth, and George Savage, CDT.
    I am one of the very few dentists in the entire world with this array of specialized training.  I am ashamed to say I know only one other dentist in the world with similar training who also understands the importance of placing material into patients mouths that will not have a negative impact on their overall health.  I personally believe in the very near future the public’s awareness of this issue could spark an upheaval in public health and medicine leading to a complete change in how medicine is practiced in our country forever. 
    I am very fortunate and blessed to have the support of my wife, son and daughter while I continue my journey and quest to provide the best dental care available anywhere.  They inspire me each day to be thankful for everything and never be complacent.

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