Why Health Centered Dentistry?

There is an alternative to the way dentistry has been practiced over the past decades.  It’s a more comprehensive approach that actually will save you money, time, pain and discomfort. One that will lead to keeping your natural teeth for your lifetime…an approach that actually results in you having less dentistry but better oral health over the years.

It’s called Health Centered Dentistry. Rather than focusing only on finding problems and then recommending solutions, my approach is to identify and analyze the underlying conditions and then develop a master plan that will keep them from becoming problems in the future. The entire emphasis is on health, not just prevention.

Health Centered Dentistry is designed to create a long-term level of oral health that is comfortable and stable, which you can easily maintain. My goal is to do the least amount of dentistry with the most conservative and predictable means available that will provide optimum oral health throughout your life.

Rather than simply responding to a series of recurring needs that seem to crop up more and more frequently, we instead take a high-level view of your oral health that results in a definitive plan of care. When this plan is fully in place, you no longer will rely on us to “keep” your teeth healthy. You will be able to care for your teeth every day – brush and floss – and visit us less and less. The savings in time and money will be considerable.

When your plan is completed, you can expect 20-30 years of simple maintenance if you follow your customized daily plaque removal co-developed with our dental fitness consultant, Shawna Sherrill, RDH. Once the underlying conditions are addressed and you have achieved superior oral health, Shawna will help you monitor your condition with our Dental Fitness Report at your chosen interval.

With our method of Health Centered Dentistry, you no longer will view a trip to the dentist office as an event you must face with a feeling of dread. Instead you will come to us for guidance, education, motivation and updated progress reports – and not the typical drilling and filling that is associated with the traditional model of dentistry and oral health care.

With Health Centered Dentistry you can take control of your long-term oral health by focusing on prevention, education and maintenance – a more proactive approach than the traditional way of practicing, which seeks only to slow the rate of deterioration.

We welcome the opportunity to develop your personalized plan that will create maximum health benefits with minimum time, pain and expense. With Health Centered Dentistry, you can achieve extraordinary oral benefit – for life.

Please feel free to discuss your particular needs with me or my excellent staff. We pledge to provide you The Finest in Health Centered Dentistry.

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